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The Whitlams forums [07 Sep 2010|11:12pm]

Hi guys,

Is anyone here a member of the whitlams official forums? I lost my password and can't seem to get it retrieved or even re-register, no matter which email account I try :( Any ideas?

If not, can someone alert one of the mods? Just send me a PM, I will give you my email if you're able to help at all.

Much appreciated.

~Katrina from Brisbane :)
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[25 Oct 2008|12:51pm]

Few more icons, of just general Whitlams.

Across this way.
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The Landcare Awards [25 Oct 2008|12:09am]

Saw Tim and the band ( James and Dave) not the original band.. at the awards at parliament house thursday night
and i thought they were great! They did a little duet with Jack Thompson ( Man from Snowy River) on harmonica for "Where is She"
It was beautiful ...
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Don't Believe Anymore Icons [20 Oct 2008|02:27pm]

Hey there! This comm looks a little dead... but I've decided to post anyway.

I have made 37 icons from screencaps I took of the "Don't Believe Anymore" film clip.

They're over this way. Enjoy.
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[23 Sep 2008|05:49pm]

This community needs to liven up! Anyone seeing the Whitlams this week with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra? I'm seeing them Friday night - can't wait!!
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Why you MUST go and see the current tour! [25 Nov 2007|10:30am]

...brand new song!

I freaked when I saw the program for Whitlams (with Qld Orchestra) contained a track called "The Road is Lost"....I was a bad fan, I'd never heard of it!

Tim spoke about each song before he sang it, and before this song he mentioned he got the inspiration for this particular song from listening to a rapper at an anti-war ralley who was rapping on the streets of the city hall (in Sydney). Then he brought out this rapper, on stage (I believe he was called 'Torture' or something)...and all the verses to The Road is Lost are rapped by this guy, Torture! YES RAPPING IN WHITLAMS SONG...it was amazing. Got a standing ovation. It will probably never be recorded, let alone recorded with full orchestral backup. GO SEE THIS TOUR!

People started yelling for Hamburgers....and when Tim came out for encore, he started playing a few really slow piano chords, then belted out "the first customer was Megan..."...and tried to get the orchestra to improvise along with him....but they wouldn't ><. Particially coz orchestral musicians pretty much /can't/ improvise (I'm one myself lol) and particially coz it's not what he was meant to be doing ><. Not on program. He stopped pretty quickly. Would have been AWESOME if a few people chipped in...

I think he swung a few votes that night, too ><. Haha.

Much love! Go to the concerts, they're worth the money and more. I should have gone twice.

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Ticket switch? [21 Nov 2007|11:44am]

Hi folks - I know this is a long-shot, but I have two tickets to the Whitlams this Saturday night 24th November at 8pm and am very keen to switch tickets with someone going on Friday 23rd. I am a massive politics nerd and the thought of an election night without Kerry O'Brien is making me sad.

Please comment on this post or email me - pippajane at gmail dot com - if you can help.
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[02 Nov 2007|11:54pm]

 My first post here :D

I have a few icons to start off with, hope you like! :)


H.E.R.E @ my journal
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[02 Sep 2007|03:54pm]

1. What's your favourite Whitlams album?

2. What's your favourite song on Introducing?
where is she?

3. What's your favourite song on Undeniably?
i get high

4. What's your favourite song on Eternal Nightcap?
louis burdett

5. What's your favourite song on Love this City?
made me hard

6. What's your favourite song on Torch The Moon?
I Will Not Go Quietly

7. What's your favourite song on Little Cloud?
she's moving in

8. Who is your favourite member of The Whitlams (past or present)?
jak for his smile

9. Would you like to date any member(s) The Whitlams?
in female form, yes

10. What's your favourite line in "You Sound Like Louis Burdett"?
im stoned in a bookshop, sobre in a nightclub, sex is everywhere but nowhere round me

11. With whom would you like to see The Whitlams perform?
John butler trio

12. Do you own all of The Whitlams' releases?
All the studio albums and a heap of random mp3s

13. How many Whitlams shirts do you have?

14. Which Whitlams songs are on your music player?
all the ones i have? a lot.

15. Are The Whitlams your aphrodisiac?
fo shizzle.

16. What do you love most about The Whitlams?

17. Do your friends like The Whitlams?
most of them hate them....

18. What do you think of when I say, "The Whitlams"?

19. Are you currently listening to The Whitlams?

20. If so what song? If not what are you listening to?

21. Have you met anyone in The Whitlams?
tim once

22. If you could say one thing to Terepai, what would you say?
may i have your pick?

23. Have you sent them fan mail?

24. Are you friends with them on MySpace?

25. Are you a FOW?

26. How often do you listen to their music?
every hour??

27. Do your parents like them?

28. Do you have Whitlams posters on your wall?
yer, a concert poster i pulled down off a construction site.

29. What's your favourite Whitlams interview or TV moment?
not sure

30. Do you make hamburgers?
with regularity

31. Where do you get your Whitlams merchandise?
Whits store, gigs

32. Do you want to blow up the pokies?

33. Which Whitlams music video would you like to see right now?

34. Which Whitlams song do you listen to most?

35. What's your favourite Whitlams song to hear live?
gough, or no aphro. curse also...

36. What's your favourite line from "Year of the Rat"?
Funny how my old haunts all look new
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Not much going o... HOLY CRAP! [29 Aug 2007|10:51pm]

It's 2007! Eternal nightcap was made in 1997! That means it's 10 year anniversary party time! Someone with initiative should make jjj play the whole album.

Apart from that you lucky bastards in Sydney get shows from 20th September with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

What else... anyone like the new Crowded House album? I do. They did a secret at Corner Hotel a month or so back. I went there but it was during the show and it had sold out before hand anyway.
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Another Melbourne gig! [22 Feb 2007|09:56am]

And guess where it is? THE CORNER!
When? Saturday 10th of March.
With? Spirit Store & Tinpan Orange *shrugs*
Cost? $24 + BF fees.
Hope I can make it.
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On The Whitlams MySpace page... [26 Oct 2006|07:07pm]

New Blog Entry!

Thursday, October 26, 2006
Eternal Nightcap on vinyl. Yay.

On November 11 (Armistice Day, the day Gough was betrayed etc), iconic label Phantom Records is releasing Eternal Nightcap, the classic record by one of Australia's best loved acts The Whitlams, on vinyl for the first time. Released in 1997, the album scored the band no less than three ARIA awards in that year and went on to become the highest selling independent album ever. The Eternal Nightcap vinyl is a collector's item, with only 500 hundred copies available. The first fifty people to pre-order from Waterfront will receive a personally signed copy from Tim: http://www.waterfrontrecords.com/releases/releases.asp?Action=DisplayProduct&ProductID=69549
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TONIGHT! [26 Oct 2006|06:50pm]

From the Whitlam's website...

"Tim is a late inclusion on "John Foreman's Big Night In" this evening. It airs from 11.15 pm on Channel 10 nationally. He will be performing Keep the Light On around half way through the show, and if you keep watching after that you'll see him duet with Guy Sebastian on the closing number. Guy and Tim are thinking Beatles."


Bought my ticket for The Espy gig next Friday today! Woot...it's gonna be great!
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[15 Oct 2006|05:11pm]

Hey, I am not sure if this is allowed but there is this song I can't find in Itunes and I really really want. It's called Thank You (for loving me at my worst). It has a sentimental association to a friend whom I lost, but I lost the song. Can someone please hook me up? I would I appreciate it so much.
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Corner Hotel - 13th Oct 2006 [15 Oct 2006|04:40pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Friday night was...just excellent. The Whitlams hit the stage at 10:10pm to a huge roar from a packed house. The gig was super...probably even the best Whitlam's gig I've ever been to! I loved it! The band was sounding great...and they were in a playful mood and played on and on...like they didn't want to leave the love of the Corner crowd...giving us THREE excellent encores...milking it...probably because it was the only Corner gig they are doing this time. It was lots of fun...and my girlfriend had her camera there...so, of course, she and I snapped over 200 photos through the night (despite our drunkenness)...ahh the joys of a digital camera! So here is a selection of photos from the night...

18 more pics...no one still uses dial-up, do they?Collapse )

The set-list they played was an awesome selection...full of songs from Little Cloud and some older songs that they don't play too often...

Whitlams set-list - Corner Hotel, 13 Oct 2006

Beauty In Me
Life's A Beach
Fall For You
Made Me Hard
Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Absent
No Aphrodisiac
You Sound Like Louis Burdett
Year Of The Rat
Thank You
I Was Alive
12 Hours
Charlie 3
Keep The Light On
Stay With Me
Blow Up The Pokies
She's Moving In
I Will Not Go Quietly

Encore 1
Little Cloud
White Horses
Royal In The Afternoon

Encore 2
Breathing You In
I Make Hamburgers

Encore 3
Kate Kelly

The extended rock out ending of Melbourne (such a great song to hear live!) was a fantastic way to end a fantastic night! I was very happy at the end of the gig. I bought a Little Cloud t-shirt...and shook Timmy's hand...to thank him for putting my girlfriend's name on the doorlist (because I found out she was going to be in town after the gig was sold out...and I already had a ticket but really wanted to take her...so I made a plea on myspace...and Tim replied with an offer to put her name on the doorlist)...and he told me to buy a ticket next time. lol!

Now...I am really looking forwards to doing it all again in three weeks time at The Espy....who's in??
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Anyone got a spare ticket?? [10 Oct 2006|01:05pm]

Heya Whitlams fans,

Any change anyone here has a spare ticket to The Whitlams gig at the Corner Hotel, Melbourne, this Friday night (13/10/2006)?? As it is now SOLD OUT! (doh!)

I have a ticket for myself...but I've just found out that my girlfriend will be in town that night...so I'm dying to get a ticket for her too...!
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Carole King [31 Aug 2006|08:55pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Supported by TIMMY!
@ Rod Laver November 17th... probably doing a Sydney show too.
I dont own any King but I like what I hear on the radio. I'd pay $50 for this gig but I have feeling it will be $80+

Oh, and there's a Whitlam's @ The Corner on Friday the 13th *insert spooky noises here* of October.

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Jak gig tmrw [12 Jul 2006|10:20pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Jak Housden <Jak@jakhousden.com> wrote:

Subject: Sudden Gig!!!!!!!
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 16:49:06 +1000

..........And so there I was standing in Clayton's lounge room thinking
about it...... Then I thought for a moment more and responded with "OK,
It could be a vibe"......."Ok i'll do it". And so it was decided that I
will play a little solo set tomorrow night at The Privilege Bar right
before The Hands take to the stage to blow everyones shoes off with a
couple of sets of their very own groovin' soul 'numbers'.. Ya see, this
all came about 'cause I myself am actually guesting on Guitar for The
Hands set on this particular night and so we put out heads together and

So here's the dirt:

When: Thursday July 13th at 8pm 'till about Midnight.

Where: At The Privilege Bar Cnr of King & George Streets pretty much
right in the middle of Sydney City.

What does it cost: $10.

Hope to see smiling faces :)



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New video... [06 Jul 2006|06:10pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

The new video clip for "Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Absent" from Little Cloud is available to view on The Whitlam's MySpace!

Lots of Timmy action for those Timmy lovin' girls! ;-)



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