jay el dee (jayelde) wrote in thewhitlams,
jay el dee


From the Whitlam's website...

"Tim is a late inclusion on "John Foreman's Big Night In" this evening. It airs from 11.15 pm on Channel 10 nationally. He will be performing Keep the Light On around half way through the show, and if you keep watching after that you'll see him duet with Guy Sebastian on the closing number. Guy and Tim are thinking Beatles."


Bought my ticket for The Espy gig next Friday today! Woot...it's gonna be great!
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IT IS SO UNFAIR THAT YOU GUYS HAVE HAD TWO GIGS IN WHAT, THREE WEEKS? Yet we don't get them back up here until FEBRUARY! Double-ew tee eff, mate.
I know :(:(:( Where are you located? I'm in qld.
Yep! Brisbane!
heh me too:)

see you in feb !! :P
i love the beatles! :)
and tim ofcourse.
but not so much guy...
I ended up missing the Beatles duet...bummer. It was just too late for me...I feel asleep cause I was totally drained from some long days. I did see "Keep The Lights On" though...was nice.
from the FOW list

What are you doing next Friday the 3rd November? If you're in the vicinity
of St Kilda, Melbourne, we're looking for Email Collectors to brave the
thriving throng at the Espy gig.

For these knightly services, we shall bestow on you a great gratitude,
amongst other goodies.

If you are interested, give me a virtual holler OFF THE LIST on

Have a fabulous weekend, all.
That could be fun and all...but I think I'd rather not have any responsibility when I'm at a gig that I wanna enjoy and get into and be a bit drunk. Or...I'm just too slack.

Thanks for the note though, Zoops!
You know of any outlets selling the tickets for cash?
The usual city locations (Polyester, Missing Link) and you can get tickets from the Espy itself anytime.