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Why you MUST go and see the current tour!

...brand new song!

I freaked when I saw the program for Whitlams (with Qld Orchestra) contained a track called "The Road is Lost"....I was a bad fan, I'd never heard of it!

Tim spoke about each song before he sang it, and before this song he mentioned he got the inspiration for this particular song from listening to a rapper at an anti-war ralley who was rapping on the streets of the city hall (in Sydney). Then he brought out this rapper, on stage (I believe he was called 'Torture' or something)...and all the verses to The Road is Lost are rapped by this guy, Torture! YES RAPPING IN WHITLAMS SONG...it was amazing. Got a standing ovation. It will probably never be recorded, let alone recorded with full orchestral backup. GO SEE THIS TOUR!

People started yelling for Hamburgers....and when Tim came out for encore, he started playing a few really slow piano chords, then belted out "the first customer was Megan..."...and tried to get the orchestra to improvise along with him....but they wouldn't ><. Particially coz orchestral musicians pretty much /can't/ improvise (I'm one myself lol) and particially coz it's not what he was meant to be doing ><. Not on program. He stopped pretty quickly. Would have been AWESOME if a few people chipped in...

I think he swung a few votes that night, too ><. Haha.

Much love! Go to the concerts, they're worth the money and more. I should have gone twice.

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